Flooring Staplers are also available in manual or pneumatic variations,. A hardwood stapler anchors the flooring planks to the sub-floor, driving staples into the tongue of a wood plank.

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Husky · Nailer / Stapler Combo 16 Gauge 

The Husky Flooring Nailer / Stapler utilize 16-Gauge T and L Cleats as well as 15.5-Gauge flooring staples to install 5/8 in. to 3/4 in. solid tongue and groove hardwood flooring. Features include: multiple base plates for installation of 5/8 in. to 3/4 in. solid T and G flooring, a no-mar base to prevent scratching a pre-finished surface, fiberglass mallet, comfort grip handle, die-cast aluminum body and hardened steel drive blade to increase durability and longevity.

Lightweight construction
Fiberglass mallet
Self-leveling front foot for added convenience
For use on 1/2 in. to 3/4 in. tongue and groove flooring
Uses 16-Gauge T and L cleats and 15.5-Gauge staples.

Floor nailers are available in two variations, manual or pneumatic . You might hear a contractor refer to this tool as a flooring cleat nailer, as it most often takes cleat nails for fastening. A manual flooring nailer  relies solely on its user's strength. A, pneumatic floor nailer assist's the user by providing additional force, when inserting a nail. Either of these tools will require a user to hit the driver head when inserting a cleat. The amount of pressure required depends on the density of the wood being installed. A thicker wood will require longer cleats, which also calls for additional force to drive the fastener. You will find it easier to use a pneumatic floor nailer like the Husky 3 in 1 

$99 and Includes Free shipping on all domestic orders 

$99 and  Free shipping on all domestic orders 

At Great Lakes , We know  you are interested in replacing your hardwood floors, but you don't know which tool will work best for the job? If you look for a flooring tool, you will see there are Flooring Nailers and flooring staplers. But which do you need?